Reviewed Solutions

The following technology solutions have been acquired on campus and may be available for you to use. A Master Service Agreement (MSA) is in place and the TRA Committee has provided guidance on these solutions. so a new risk assessment isn't required. 

  • MS Office 365 including (MS Teams, OneDrive, Stream)
  • Zoom
  • Qualtrics
  • Atlassian Jira and Confluence

While an MSA is in place for these solutions, Western's data classification and data handling standards still need to be considered and followed to where sensitive or confidential information is in use.

Transcription Services:

Low Risk:


NVIVO has been evaluated by TRAC as 'Low Risk' for use within the research community, contingent upon compliance with NVIVO guidelines aimed at maintaining this risk rating. For inquiries concerning data retention and storage, please contact the Office of Human Research Ethics at

For detailed instructions on procuring NVIVO through Mustang Market, please click here. Should you have any questions regarding the ordering process via Mustang Market, contact Additionally, for queries related to NVIVO products or the order fulfillment process, reach out to Mike Assaf at the Western Tech Hub in the Bookstore (

Medium Risk:

  • Transcript Heroes
  • CMBusiness
  • Hightail

To proceed with any of these solutions, contact to access the TRAC report. Familiarize yourself with the risk parameters, ensuring your intent aligns with the assessment's scope. Then, obtain the necessary institutional approvals to use the solution.

Social Media:

Tools like Google Suite and social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, WeChat, TikTok, and Twitter can not be assessed by TRA. Alternative technologies are available for use in some cases. Use of social media platforms or  tools with sensitive or confidential data is discouraged and any agreements and associated risks fall solely on the individual, not Western University. Where required for research, please reach out to Western's Privacy Officer for direction;