Related Processes and Committees

There may be processes ajdacent to the TRAC process that you will need to go through for your proposed technology solution.

Contract Negotiation

Contract negotiation is a separate process which, if necessary, would include the offices of Legal Counsel and Procurement Services. While the TRAC process is designed to provide an assessment relatively quickly, contract negotation is dependent on a range of factors and can take some time.

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Privacy Impact Assessment

If your project handles specific data types, like personal information or personal health information, you might need a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA). The types of data collected are important in this context, as is where the data will be stored.

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Bankcard Committee

If your solution involves eCommerce, merchant account requisition and Bankcard Committee approval of eCommerce activities will be necessary. TRAC provides some commentary on eCommerce activities for the purposes of moving the procurement process forward, but final approval from Bankcard Committee to use the solution is required. This process is required for compliancy to the Payment Card Industries Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which Western must achieve on an annual basis.

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