About TRAC

What is a Technology Risk Assessment?

At its core, a Technology Risk Assessment is a process for evaluating proposed technology solutions set to be integrated into Western University's environment, whether it's a platform tailored for operational teams, a digital service for a specific department, or a set of tools designed for a researcher.

What is the Technology Risk Assessment Committee (TRAC)?

TRAC is the committee at the helm of the Technology Risk Assessment process. In most contexts, "TRAC" also serves as a blanket term for the evaluation process. Learn more about the TRA Committee.

Note: The TRA Committee does not substitute for formal Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Information (RFI), or Request for Quotes (RFQ) processes. Please coordinate with Procurement Services (procurement@uwo.ca) to ensure you are following the policies associated with procuring goods and services.

TRAC's Role for the Western Community

Navigating the technological landscape at Western University? Let us be your guiding star. Here's a breakdown of TRAC’s pivotal role for our community. 

The Essence of Risk Assessment

TRAC ensures that every tech-related initiative—whether it's software, hardware, or data provisioning—is introduced with clarity about its risk factors. By meticulously assessing these ventures, TRAC provides an essential layer of due diligence, ensuring Western University’s tech choices are both informed and secure. 

Data Context

It is important to consider the Data context for technology solutions when thinking about a TRAC assessment. The more sensitive and personal the data, the higher risk the solution is and thus the greater the need is for a TRAC assessment.

1: No data or eCommerce
2: Deidentified data, no eCommerce
3: Minor Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
4: More PII, eCommerce
5: PII, Protected Health Information, eCommerce

Solution Context

Similarly, it is important to consider the context in which the solution is being proposed. Solutions created by Western and hosted internally represent the lowest risk, whereas Vendor solutions hosted by 3rd parties represent the highest risk.

TRAC's Wide-Reaching Scope

No technology solution is too big or too small for TRAC. It encompasses everything: from a cloud-based, no-cost solution to a high-end system that demands a comprehensive Request For Proposal (RFP). Whether you're exploring eCommerce channels, dealing with Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or considering tech solutions without these elements, TRAC is here to illuminate potential risks and guide our community in how to address them. 

TRAC caters to the entirety of Western: be it partners, employees, researchers, or operational units. In a world marked by rapid tech advancements, TRAC ensures that every tech-oriented decision aligns with Western’s principles of due diligence. 

Our Commitment to the Western Community

As the world of technology expands with the emergence of web, cloud, and traditional applications, TRAC becomes more essential. These platforms manage and exchange large amounts data from Western or external sources. Through TRAC's lens of due diligence, we ensure that every technological step taken is measured, secure, and well-understood. 

Our duty at Western University is more than just legal requirements; it embodies an ethical promise to shield all processes and data linked to our educational, operational, and research missions.