Technology Risk Assessment Committee

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What is the Technology Risk Assessment Committee (TRAC)?

TRAC is the committee at the helm of the Technology Risk Assessment process. In most contexts, "TRAC" also serves as a blanket term for the evaluation process.

Think of the TRA Committee as a guiding hand, helping our community discern and navigate potential risks linked to a technology solution. With members from Legal, Privacy Office, Western Technology Services, CISO, Procurement, Financial Services, Research Services, and Internal Audit, TRAC offers a multifaceted lens through which your proposed solutions are viewed and understood. 

For all our dedicated staff and researchers, think of TRAC as your reliable partner in the dynamic realm of technology at Western University. Your endeavors matter immensely, and TRAC is committed to ensuring they thrive securely and responsibly. 

Your Vision Matters! 

At Western University, we understand how crucial your initiative is, not just to you but to the broader academic community. The Technology Risk Assessment Committee (TRAC) is here to champion your vision, while ensuring the university's technical and operational integrity. 

TRAC is comprised of 5 central functions at Western: 

  • Western Technology Services
  • Procurement Services
  • Financial Services
  • Legal Counsel
  • Privacy Office

Other members include representation from Research Services and Office of the Registrar. Western's Internal Audit Group provides guidance related to issues of risk and controls within the organization as required.

TRAC's Role

TRAC delves deep into proposed solutions, focusing on security, sensitive data handling, and commercial activities. We also shed light on the legal intricacies.


TRAC isn't a substitute for formal procurement processes like RFPs, RFIs, or RFQs. Connect with Procurement Services at to stay aligned with best practices. 

While TRAC identifies risks, we also understand the flip side: the risks of *not* acting on a golden opportunity. We offer a comprehensive risk perspective, but your unit's leadership usually has the final say. 

To get in touch with the TRA Committee, email


Peter Jeffs (Co-Chair)
Director, Procurement Services

Brent Fowles (Co-Chair)
Director, Cyber Security, CISO and Business Services - Western Technology Services

Rob Brennan
Director Application Services - Western Technology Services

Ben Leschied
Associate University Legal Counsel - Contracts

Jim Loupos
Director, Internal Audit

Dorukahn Turn
Information Technology Auditor, Internal Audit

Ed Gibson
Associate Director, Data Centre, Network & Data Centre Operations - Western Technology Services

Nicola Geoghegan-Morphet
Research Ethics Officer

Andrew Pocock
Office of the Registrar

Kelly-Ann Sullivan
Associate University Legal Counsel - Privacy

Matthew Feeney
Manager, Information Security

Sandy Philip
Supervisor, General Accounting

Amy Van Damme
Legal Assistant

*To provide specific Infrastructure input; resources will alternate/share membership.