Submitting to TRAC

Getting Started with TRAC

Navigating the submission process for TRAC review? Let’s make it simple!

Not sure if you need TRAC? Start with the Preassessment Form.

  1. Start with the TRAC Submission Form
    This form is your primary point of entry to the TRAC process. It's designed to gather comprehensive details about your proposed technology solution needed by the TRAC team.
  2. Got a Complex Solution? Use the Vendor Information Form!
    For projects with intricate details or nuances, it’s helpful to have your vendor complete the Vendor Information Form. Once filled, they can send it back to you as a PDF, and you can simply attach it alongside your primary submission.
    Handy tip: This form is accessible even to external parties, making it easier for your vendors.
  3. Accessing the Forms
    Remember, the TRAC Submission Form requires your Western University login credentials, ensuring it is exclusive to our internal community. On the other hand, the Vendor Information Form is open to vendors and external partners.
  4. Need More Insight?
    Dive deeper into the TRAC process with our resources.

Engaging with TRAC ensures your projects are thoroughly vetted and primed for success. Let’s collaborate and make your initiatives shine! 

How to Submit a Project for Review

Below you will find the steps to follow for collecting and submitting your TRAC documentation for review. 

Step 1: Is TRAC for You? 

Before diving in, let's determine if you need to submit a TRAC form. If you answer 'yes' to even one of the following, it’s time to engage TRAC!

  • Is your need technological in orientation and new to Western? 
  • Does your solution require access to data of a sensitive nature, or will it create or transmit data of a sensitive nature? 
  • Does your vendor (if applicable) require a contract? 
  • Will your solution require any sort of eCommerce transactions using a Western-owned payment processor storefront or other-provided payment processor? 
  • Does your solution require the use of Procurement Services to vet vendor candidates or engage in paying of invoices? 

Step 2: Engage with Your Vendor 

If you’re partnering with an external vendor, they're your go-to for providing the technical details about your proposed solution. Direct them to the Vendor Information PDF. Once they fill it out and send it back, you're ready for the next step. 

Step 3: Time to Fill the TRAC Form!

Access the TRAC Submission Form. Here’s a breakdown of what you'll provide: 

  • General 
    • Name of initiative, reason for the solution, contact information, criticality, etc. 
  • Procurement Services 
    • Contract term length (if applicable) 
    • Details of licensing and/or costs of purchase (including implementation) 
  • Financial Services (some of this information will be provided via the vendor form) 
    • Details related to eCommerce requirement 
    • Payment processing data flow 
    • PCI compliancy 
  • Information Technology (some of this information will be provided via the vendor form) 
    • What type of solution is involved? 
    • Compliancy information 
    • Infrastructure information 
    • Security controls 
  • Privacy (some of this information will be provided via the vendor form) 
    • Nature of data 
    • Transmission requirements 
    • Disclosure requirements 
  • Legal 
    • Contract terms - including risk management, liabilities and indemnities 
    • Affiliated data agreements 

Step 4: Hit Submit!

Fill out all the relevant fields in the form and include the information provided from the vendor (if applicable, the sections and fields of the PDF filled out by the vendor will directly correspond to sections in the webform).  Please feel free to cut and paste from the vendor-provided information.

Once your form is ready, hit the "SUBMIT" button. You will receive a thank you message with the details of your submission. A member of the TRAC will follow up shortly thereafter to confirm all information has been received. 

There may be some follow up in terms of clarification and/or to obtain other documents. 

Step 5: Process Following Submission 

After submission, the RAC team dives deep into assessing potential risks. Given the diverse nature of projects, the timeline might vary, but typically it's a 2–4-week window. The team meets bi-weekly, ensuring each project gets the attention it deserves. Once done, they'll share a comprehensive report with you. 

Thank you for ensuring that Western continues to champion due diligence in technological ventures! With RAC by your side, you're not just embarking on a project; you're paving the way for informed and secure advancements.